Wednesday, 18 September 2013

No photo just yet, but they are off, left London last night at about 10.30, and changed flights in Dubai this morning, off again, currently flying above the Maldives!

So exited for them and nervous! I will be much happier when they are in Auckland I hope!!

I have made the decision to start my own little stampin up business, and am feeling very excited at the prospect of doing that!  I will have to get much better at blogging, and suspect that I will need to set up a new Blog most of them seem to have stamping in the title somewhere, so I need to think of a new title for my work blog, I wonder if I think of it that way I will be better at it, flippin hope so!

I have been practicing making cards but I don't have any stamps that are still in the new catalogue, so need to get on that very soon.
The Poinsetta card is built from the bird builder punch, which I thought was very clever, but think that the card overall needs a bit more, perhaps an embossed area behind the flower, hmmmmm off to play.

1 comment:

Linda said...

A very resourceful and great idea using the bird builder punch - it looks fantastic.

You will be absolutely brilliant - looking forward to seeing you next week. x